One Year Report

Ok, here is the results for past one year.

Comparison report for add url – submit url – suggest url :

a- URLME.US blog section statistics:

Total visits: 275 , Total Pages: 460

b- Add url directory statistics :

Total visits: 575 , Total pages: 2285, Links: 4

c- Submit url directory statistcs :

Total visits: 725, Total pages: 3050, Links: 4

d- Suggest url directory statistics :

Total visits: 435, Total pages: 1470, links: 3


According to report:

  1. First: Sumbit url
  2. Second: Add url
  3. Third: Suggest url

Note: I think the search engines dislike the site and subs :(

Theese values are really low. OK, I will continue the comparison, there is no chance. online roulette

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