Second Year Comparison Report

Ok, here is the results for past one year.

Comparison report for add url – submit url – suggest url :

a- URLME.US blog’s section statistics:

Total visits: 1144 , Total Pages: 1710

b- Add url directory’s statistics :

Total visits: 2773 , Total pages: 7744, Links: 7

c- Submit url directory’s statistics :

Total visits: 2527, Total pages: 8355, Links: 8

d- Suggest url directory’s statistics :

Total visits: 3234, Total pages: 9766, links: 9


According to comparison report, the winner was changed. Here is the results :

  1. First: Suggest url directory
  2. Second: Add url directory
  3. Third: Submit url directory

Note: I think the search engines like the “suggest url” more than the others.

We know, theese comparison values are really low. OK, we must do hard working for this comparison. online casino spiele

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