These days, webmasters are searching three terms. Add URL , Submit URL or Suggest Url to suggest their web sites to directories.
To get more pagerank from google  or other search engines.

I wonder, Which is more valuable term? Add url , Submit url or Suggest url?

Nothing lengthy, just an overview…

I searched Google for theese three terms. Here is the search results about add url, submit url and suggest url terms.

  1. ADD URL search results : 2.260.000 [Jul 2007] – 16.600.000 [Jul 2011] (Google ‘Add url’ results)
  2. SUBMIT URL search results : 1.980.000  [Jul 2007] – 19.700.000 [Jul 2011] (Google ‘Submit url’ results)
  3. SUGGEST URL search results : 1.710.000  [Jul 2007] – 4.610.000 [Jul 2011] (Google ‘Suggest url’ results)

* It seems, ‘add url’ more preferred than ‘submit url’ and ‘suggest url’ …

Ok. Let’s test this terms.

Now, I made three directories about theese search topics.
One of them is ADD URL directory, SUBMIT URL directory and the other SUGGEST URL direcory;

You can suggest your web links to one of them. They have same categories, but different sites. Please, do not suggest your site to all of directories. You must suggest your link to only ‘add url’ directory or ‘submit url’ or ‘suggest url’ directory.
(If not, we will delete links).

Testing directories : ADD URL & SUBMIT URL & SUGGEST URL

  • How many hits
  • How many submitted sites
  • Which keyword is more valuable and preferred.
  • Traffic results

Winner? : Add Url OR Submit Url OR Suggest Url? Guess it now …

Note: You can do comment for this comparison at the botom of this page.

* This page is renewed at July 2011 and includes all indexed pages at search engines.

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